April 17, 2013

Hands for the Heart has an Official Logo and Website! + Updates on upcoming things!

This has been a long time coming! My charity organization Hands for the Heart not only has an official logo, but its website has officially been completed as well! I encourage each and every one of you to visit it, in order to see all of our accomplishments thus far, and what we are doing in the future. The address is the following: http://www.handsfortheheart.org Don't forget to support our causes and to donate whatever you can. Every cent counts. Moreover, you can click here to visit our Events page, to see what we have coming in the near future. I'm very excited to announce that A Night for the Change, A Night for the Congo: 2013 will be happening! I wasn't sure if I would ever want to do event planning again, after what happened leading up to the fundraiser, in October 2012. However, my cause is something that I believe in wholeheartedly, and it is important to keep pushing through hurdles in order to accomplish big, amazing things. School is over for the summer, so I have plenty of time to do everything and anything. Keep up to date with us, because the date of the fundraiser will be announced very soon. Woohoo!

Afrobeat X Gala and Cultural Show

This post has been a long time coming, but with the stress of exams and final assignments at school, I haven't been able to focus on much else. Anyway, on March 23rd, I attended U of T's African Students Association's (ASA) Gala, and I had so much fun. First of all, the venue looked great, it was intimate, yet elegant and well decorated. The evening consisted first of a pre-show/cocktail hour, with some hors d'oeuvres and a showcase of two fashion designers. I've included some pictures below.
Tracey K Designs
Wild Moon Jewellery

Afterwards, the show began. It entailed a lineup of entertainers such as instrument players, dancers, a spoken word artist (Dwayne Morgan), and a Christian rapper (Emjoy). The music played by the DJ was on point, and the hosts did quite well too. Another person to hit the stage, was myself! I was asked by the organizers to give a small speech about myself and my organization, so after dinner, I went up to speak. My speech was to be recorded so I could share it on the blog, but unfortunately, it didn't happen too well. There will always be next time though, so I'm not too disappointed. Overall, I truly enjoyed myself at this event, I think that the ASA team did a great job showcasing different the cultural aspects of Africa. Moreover, I was very touched to know that they plan on donating the proceeds of their show, to my charity organization Hands for the Heart. I give them a round of applause. *Click Here for more pictures*