August 27, 2012

Another pageant night

Left to right: Chantelle (1st runner-up), Monique (Ms BBC), Deronke (2nd runner-up)
Last Saturday, we went to the first ever Miss Black Beauty Canada (MBBC) pageant, in downtown Toronto. And I was looking forward to it, so I could see how the contestants had individually prepared for their performances. I must say, the girls were very talented, and quite a few of them impressed and excited the audience. My favorite moment of the show was hands down the talent section, because I find that your presentation in this area can really make or break your chances of having the crown. And surely, some of the girls brought their A game. I (and I think the audience in general) really liked the following talent performances: Monique's ballet dancing, Aziza's interpretation of Maya Angelou's Phenomenal Woman (very thoughtful), Deronke's monologue on her body image and the development of her self-esteem, Chantelle's singing, and Anamika's dancing (which was also to bring awareness on Sickle-cell Disease, and looked very pretty and sparkly :). Unfortunately, my phone decided to shutdown near the end this performance category due to low battery, so I didn't get a chance to snap shots of the final moments (i.e. evening wear, top 5, and the ultimate winner), but the pic above shows you who the top 3 finalists were regardless. All in all, I enjoyed watching all the girls perform because from what I saw on stage I think that they're all very bright and beautiful ladies; full of potential. Congrats, all of you! - And side note, I got to go on stage to present the Best Evening Gown Award. :)


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