August 17, 2012

My first appearance

Left to right: Celestine, Zainab, Me, Fidelia, Moni (former contestant of pageant), and Suzie (the designer, in the middle)
Yesterday marked my first official appearance as Miss AfriCanada, and it was quite a fun day. The event we attended was led by the Canada Kenya Chamber of Commerce, which is essentially -from what I understood- a sort of get-together where different business saavy people discuss business on a global scale, and how business in North America (or Canada) relates to business in East Africa (or Kenya). Our appearance at the event consisted mainly of a fashion show (Rose Iyellow), and a small presentation given by Celestine and I.

The talk we made in front of the business people was completely improvised, yeah, we didn't find out we would have to do that until we were in the car with Fidelia; on our way to the event! But thankfully it was short and sweet, and our audience wasn't large, so we weren't too intimidated. However, the one thing I was looking forward to (and always do) -the food- was kinda disappointing. I mean, at first I had imagined this event to be some big thing where we would have to dress super fancy, and get a sit-down dinner! But it turned out to be quite small and intimate, with foods of Indian cuisine to munch on at the back. I don't know about everyone else, but I like MEAT. Meat, meat meat! Why don't samosas have meat?? Man, I was so disappointed. After modeling and speaking up front, all of us were starving and we were looking forward to eating. But then we got to the food table and saw no meat. All the foods that looked like they should have meat in them were stuffed with potatoes, no way. Oh, and there were these fish-fillet-like nuggets that gave us hope of being able to eat an animal that night, that turned out to be TOFU. I had never even had tofu in my life, can you imagine how sad I was when Celestine (our 2nd runner-up) pointed out that those deep-fried nuggets weren't even real fish? I wanted to cry a bit, really... But, either way, it was OK, because I still got to have fun that night with the whole Miss AfriCanada crew.


After we finished eating, we went back out to join the business people, as they were on the verge of ending their meeting. Once it was adjourned, we took a few final pictures, and were on our way out. And that's how my day ended! -Of course I had to call my mom once I got home, to let her know that I wasn't killed by anyone putting poison in my food (my parents worry and warn me about everything, all the time!), so that she wouldn't start worrying.


Up next: The African Groove Show on G98.7

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