August 19, 2012

On the Radio with MC Bonde!

Today I had such a blast going to the African Groove Show on G987 to speak with MC Bonde, he's a cool dude. In fact, he was one of our hosts the night of the pageant, and when I was crowned he told me I should stop by the show, so we made it happen. I was a bit nervous about having my first on-the-spot interview like that, because it was on live radio. I mean, at first, my hear rate went up a little. But Bonde wasn't going too hard on me, thankfully, the main thing I elaborated on was my platform or the plans I have this year as the queen. I spoke about my plan to reach out to suffering women in the DRC, in hopes of taking their stories to the international stage and providing some sort of intervention or support in their favour. And that was pretty much it. I also gave a few shout-outs (love you mommy!), joked around a bit, and got to pick out a few songs for him to play on air. Afterwards, Bonde gave us a tour of the station and introduced us to a few hosts as well as the president! We took a few pics, and then we were given t-shirts -that made me happier. So overall, it was good times, and I'm looking forward to coming on the show again (hint hint Bonde!).

Right after we left the radio station, we headed over to meet our own president (of Ms AfriCanada) in order for me to take some pictures with an important sponsor and be handed my scholarship, as the winner. I was so thankful to get this scholarship from the Doctor because it's going to help me out in a lot of ways, being a student is not easy. So I'm definitely going to put this money to good use. Check out the following pics!

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